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Research Publications

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Pure Adulteration: Cheating on Nature in the Age of Manufactured Food (Chicago, 2019) + Digital Companion site @ purefood.lafayette.edu [for more, see here, here, here, and here]

Notes from the Ground: Science, Soil & Society in the American Countryside (Yale, 2009)

Technoscience and Environmental Justice: Expert Cultures in a Grassroots Movement, ed. (MIT Press, 2011) [co-edited with G. Ottinger]

Select articles

“Engineering and Environmental Justice,” in the Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Engineering, edited by Diane Michelfelder and Neelke Doorn (Routledge, 2019)

“Fence and Fallow,” New Geographies 10 (forthcoming, 2019)

Greening Lafayette: A Model for Building Sustainable Community,” International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education 19 (2018): 1239-1258 [co-authored with K. Lawrence, A. Armstrong, M. Wilcha, and A. Gatti]

Margins and Tensions and the History of Seeds,” essay on Courtney Fullilove, The Profit of the Earth: The Global Seeds of American Agriculture, H-Environment Roundtable Review, 8 (August 2018): 7-13

Undone Earthquakes,” essay on Conevery Bolton Valencius, The Lost History of the New Madrid Earthquakes, H-Environment Roundtable Review, 5 (March 2015): 4-9

Science, Technology and Society [STS] and Ethics,” [co-authored with Stephen Cutcliffe] in J. Britt Holbrook and Carl Mitcham, eds., Ethics, Science, Technology, and Engineering: A Global Resource, 2nd edition. 4 Vols. Farmington Hills, MA: Macmillan Reference, USA, 2015.  pp. 54-59.

The Appearance of Being Earnest,” The Appendix 3 (October 2014): 37-43

Don’t Mono-crop the Movement: Toward a Cultural Ecology Local Food,” Gastronomica: The Journal of Critical Food Studies 14.1 (Spring 2014): 5-8

Introducing Engineering as a Socio-technical Process,” Proc. 2014 ASEE Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN [co-authored with Kristen Sanford Bernhardt and Jenn Rossmann]

The Historical Production (and Consumption) of Unsustainability: Technology, Policy,  and Culture,” The Hedgehog Review 14.2 (Summer 2012): 37-52

Environmentally Just Transformations of Expert Cultures: Toward the Theory and Practice of a Renewed Science and Engineering,” Environmental Justice 5 (2012):  158-163 [co-authored with G. Ottinger]

Analysis as Border Patrol: Chemists along the Boundary between Pure Food and Real Adulteration,” Endeavour 35 (2011): 66-73

The Moral Basis of Soil Science and Geology: What Antebellum Farmers Knew and Why Anyone Cared,” Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 35 (2010): 860-867

Embodying STS: Identity, Narrative, and the Interdisciplinary Body,” Science as Culture 19 (March 2010): 1-14 [co-authored with W. Galusky]

Three Peasants on Their Way to a Meal: Millet’s The Gleaners, Macaroni, and Human Intervention in Nature,” Environmental History 14 (October 2009): 744-752

The Once and Future Georgic: Agricultural Practice, Environmental Knowledge, and the Place for an Ethic of Experience,” Agriculture and Human Values 26 (3) (2009): 153-165

What Makes a Difference? Science and Epistemic Authority in the Early American Republic,” Historically Speaking 10 (January 2009): 23-24

Virginia’s Modern Environmental History,” in Encyclopedia Virginia, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities (2009)

Surveying Nature: The Environmental Dimensions of Virginia’s First Geological Survey, 1835-1842,” Environmental History 11 (January 2006): 38-69

Escaping the False Binary of Nature and Culture through Connection:  Richard White’s The Organic Machine: The Remaking of the Columbia River,” Organization and Environment 18 (October 2005): 445-457

Current projects

Edited anthology

"Acquired Tastes: Stories about the Origins of Modern Food," co-edited with Michael Kideckel and Anna Zeide (in progress, 2018) [part of the June 2018 workshop for the book]

Cross-university collaborations

History for a Sustainable Future (a book series at the MIT Press [editorial board member] and a working group of environmental historians and historians of science)