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Courses taught (at Lafayette, 2011-  ; U.Va. [UVA], 2005-2011; Va. Tech [VT], 2001-2005)

History Surveys

“U.S. History: Settlement to Civil War,” History 1115 [VT]
“U.S. History: Reconstruction to 9/11,” History 1116 [VT]
“Environmental History,” History 271 [UVA] and History 3144 [VT]
“The History of Technology Survey,” History 215 [Lafayette]
“History of Technology: Ancient Greece to Industrial Revolution,” History 3715 [VT]
“History of Technology: Industrial Revolution to the Present,” History 3716 [VT]

Advanced topics courses

“Technology, Nature & Sustainable Communities,” STS 2500 [UVA] [and here]
“History, Technology & Sustainable Agriculture,” STS 2500 and History 2559 [UVA]
“American Science and Nature: From Jefferson to Today,” History 2984 [VT]

STS core courses

“Introduction to STS,” STS 1500 [UVA]
“Technology, Values & Progress,” STS 4500 [UVA]
“Environmental & Engineering Ethics,” STS 4600 [UVA]

Engineering and Environmental Studies

“Ten Ways to Know Nature,” First Year Seminar, FYS 18 [Lafayette]
"Environmental Justice," EGRS 230 [Lafayette]
“Engineering & Public Policy,” EGRS/PSTD 251 [Lafayette]
"Historical Studies in Engineering and Society," EGRS 281 [Lafayette]
“Technology and Nature,” EGRS/EVST 373 [Lafayette]
"Environmental Studies Praxis," EVST 400 [Lafayette]
“Capstone Seminar for Engineering and Society,” EGRS 451 [Lafayette]
"Sustainable Solutions," EGRS 480 [Lafayette]

Course products

At Lafayette
Course webpage for projects in EGRS 251: Engineering and PublicPolicy (2011)
Course webpage for projects in EGRS 451: Seminar on Technology and Society
    Spring 2012; Spring 2013; Fall 2013; Fall 2014; Fall 2015; Fall 2016; Fall 2017

Course webpage for podcasts in FYS 18: Ten Ways to Know Nature
    Fall 2012; Fall 2013; Fall 2014; Fall 2015; Fall 2016

Course webpage for projects in EGRS/EVST 373: Technology and Nature (Spring 2013) (Spring 2016) (Fall 2016) (Spring 2018)
Course product from EGRS/EVST 373 (Spring 2014): Resetting the Table in the Lehigh Valley: A Study of Technology, Nature, and Local Food
Course webpage for slidecasts in History 215: The History of Technology (Spring 2014) (Spring 2016) and EGRS 281 (Spring 2017) (Spring 2018)

From Virginia

Past teaching and community engagement projects

The UVA Food Collaborative
The Morven Summer Institute (and here and here)
The Thornton Hall Art Gallery (and here, here, and here)