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for Public Culture and Public Books

    “Interview of Peter Galison,” Public Culture 26.1 (Winter 2014): 79-100

    “The Confidence Economy: An Interview with T.J. Jackson Lears,” Public Books

        (May 7, 2013)

for The Believer

Micro-interview of Peter Galison: Historian, Philosopher, Filmmaker,” The Believer 9 (June 2011): 20, 31, 48, 52, 55

Interview of Rebecca Solnit: Nature Writer, Environmental Activist, Art Historian,” The Believer 7  (September 2009): 43-49

Interview of Michael Pollan, Environmental Journalist and Agro-Food Writer,” The Believer 5 (April 2007): 63-71 [in full here]

Interview of Arnold Davidson: Conceptual Historian, Philosopher of Science, Scholar of Monsters, Sex, and Ontology,” The Believer 4 (May 2006): 66-73

Interview of Marjorie Grene, Living Philosophical Legend,” The Believer 3 (March 2005): 65-74

at The World’s Fair

Author-Meets-Blogger: a series of 17 interviews with authors in environmental history and STS


Should the FDA Define ‘Natural’?New York Times (November 10, 2014)

All Praise the Civics of Food HubsCivil Eats (September 7, 2012)

What Bean-Counting ‘Contrarians’ Miss about the Local Food Movement,” Grist Magazine (April 14, 2011)

Why Blog the History of Science?History of Science Newsletter (October 2008): 3-5

B.R. Cohen’s Days at the Museum”: a five-part series in 2009 (well, the last was in 2013)

B.R. Cohen’s Annals of Science”: a 13-part series from 2003-2007

I co-authored The World’s Fair at scienceblogs.com with David Ng (University of British Columbia) from 2006 through 2009. The site itself hosts the full catalog of posts from that time; here are two other areas in addition to that catalog and the author-meets-blogger link above:

Food and Agriculture Posts: a subset at the World’s Fair of 50+ posts on industrial agriculture & alternatives

Cannonball Epistemology: a 14-part series about the intersection of visual evidence, objectivity, and truth

Neither of the above

Here is my full author page at McSweeney’s, and here is a selection of others at the site:

  1. Bullet Muscle and Flow (for L. Weschler’s Convergences series)

  2. Bullet On anti-environmentalists

  3. Bullet World Historical Cheneys

  4. Bullet “Bathtub Gin” Songbook Essay

  5. Bullet On Tour with Bob Edwards

  6. Bullet Summer Vacation (part II)

  7. Bullet Hot Chocolate

  8. Bullet Descartes

  9. Bullet Important Dates in Machiavelli’s Life

I was the Lists page editor at the McSweeney’s site from 2004-2007 and helped put together Mountain Man Dance Moves (2006).

“Borges Was A Webelo” was not short-listed for the Pushcart Prize, but might have been. It appears in The McSweeney’s Joke Book of Book Jokes (2008).

I contributed to The Future Dictionary of America (2004) and Issues #35 (2010) and #39 (2011) of the Quarterly.

at Public Books

This Morning Was a Poem: On and Near Rebecca Solnit’s The Faraway Nearby

at The Morning News

Trust Me


I Dream in Malcolm Gladwell” 

Blacksburg and Biography

Hoping for a Safe Return

at The Science Creative Quarterly

Bisphenol-A: The One-Act Play

at The Education of Oronte Churm

On ‘The Accident’

Too Much Culture But Not Enough to See



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